Infinity Voting Terminal

The Infinity Voting Panel is a Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting device for use in governmental elections. It incorporates an LCD panel to display the ballot, individual buttons for operator control and voter selection, memory card technology for activation control and data collection/transport, integral battery operation capability and the latest embedded computer technology.

The Infinity is designed for portable stand-alone voting operation with no need for additional devices at the polling site. It is flexible enough to allow very sophisticated configurations meeting the needs of most jurisdictions. It is programmed using a PC connected via an interface connector operating proprietary database software provided by MicroVote. Results are retrieved using the same PC/software set via direct connection or a memory card reader.
The Infinity is designed to meet the requirements of the Federal Election Commission's standards (FVSS) for reliability, accuracy, performance and testing standards and allows voters with disabilities to vote unassisted on the same device as capable and sighted voters.

MV-464 (no longer in production)

The "464" model employs light-weight, state-of-the-art modular electronic technology. Each MicroVote voting unit weighs only 52 pounds, making it easy and inexpensive to store and transport to the polls for election day.

The MV-464 was carefully designed from the user's perspective. Each MicroVote unit has more than 10 square feet of available ballot space and each voting position is 3.5 inches long by 11/16th of an inch high allowing the use of a large, bold typeface. Users are also guided logically through the entire ballot by MicroVote's patented ballot paging system.

The MV-464 system is designed to put you in complete control of your election process from election programming to ballot printing to election results tallying and reporting.

The system employs economical, off-the-shelf, standard computer and ballot printing hardware, components and ballot paper for election results reporting and ballot printing. The fundamental philosophy is to keep ongoing election costs down by using industry-standard equipment for all associated election tasks.

MicroVote provides complete training, preparation, information and election day support for central staff, poll workers and voters. Our training manuals, documentation and support staff have received outstanding praise from each of our client jurisdictions.

The MV-464 system is the result of years of testing, refining and fine tuning based on the experiences of election officials who have successfully used the system. The system conforms to and in some cases exceeds federal voting system standards. The system provides complete election results at the individual unit, precinct and central jurisdiction levels on paper and in electronic form. The system has a complete audit trail and redundant memories. Microvote's audit trail provides a complete, printed, random-order record of every voter's selections. This audit trail is printed continuously during election day guaranteeing complete election record integrity.

The MV-464 has been used successfully in major public elections since 1986 and, while production of this particular model has ceased, it is still faithfully serving many jurisdictions today.

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